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Looking for an amazing way to boost your natural looks? The 101 Wispies are the answer. Designed to subtly complement your existing lashes, they offer the right amount of length and fullness without appearing overdone. They’re perfect for those who desire a natural, captivating look, especially for those who prefer a low-key yet elegant style.
A step up from the 100, our 101 Lashes keep the natural look from the 100 but add a little length and fullness to your own eyelashes. They are great for everyday use or for any special occasion.

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Subtle yet Stunning Transformation

Get ready because the 101 Wispies are here to revamp your everyday look. Formulated to enhance your natural beauty, they promise to add that extra touch of length and volume to your lashes. No need to worry about them appearing overbearingly thick. These wispy eyepieces are intricately designed to blend seamlessly with your original lashes, creating that improvement you’ve always craved without the exaggerated effect.

Luxury Craftsmanship for Comfortable Wear

Beauty does not have to equate with discomfort. The 101 Wispies assure you of not only a captivating look but also a comfy wear. Made from high-quality materials, these lashes are soft, feather-like, and lightweight. Enjoy a hassle-free application that doesn’t irritate your eyes or weigh down your eyelids. With these elegant wisps, achieve that low-key yet refined style.

Your Best Ally for Everyday Glam

The 101 Wispies are a perfect addition to your daily makeup routine. They effortlessly blend in with your natural lashes, tipping the scales just right. No matter whether you’re off to a casual day out with friends or a formal dinner party, these lashes are flexible to complement any event you attend. Get that amazing natural look that effortlessly catches attention.

How to Apply Lashes:

  1. Place lash strip close to the natural lash line to check the fit of the lash. If lash strip extends past your lash line, trim lashes from the outer edge for your best fit. Make sure you cut off any exposed plastic from both ends.
  2. Apply an even layer of lash adhesive to the base of the lash band, wait for 30 seconds or until lash adhesive becomes tacky.
  3. Starting at the center of the eyelid, apply lash strip closely along your lash line using a tweezer or eyelash applicator lightly pressing lashes into the inner and outer corner.  For best results, use your index finger to gently lift lashes into place.
  4. Apply mascara to your natural lashes to blend together with the lash strip. 

How to Remove False Lashes: 

  1. Start on either the inner corner or outer corner, whichever is most comfortable for you, and gently remove lash strip. 
  2. Use eye makeup remover to sweep away any excess lash glue.


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